Friday Round-Up

Longest week ever?

I started out with work travel Sunday, arrived in DC by 12:30am Monday (flight delays), and was back at the airport 12 hours later.  I loved a sign at the hotel:  “Have an uncomplicated day.”  Thank you, I’ll try.

Walking to my meeting, I met a fellow Wisconsinite – he was hard to miss…Packers sweatshirt, Brewers shorts.  Packer fans, Aaron Rodgers was on 60 Minutes.

There was also an election this week that didn’t get much air time.  Politics runs in my family…my nephew is on student council, and now I’m on the condo board.  Last night I gave my stump speech and defeated my opponents 🙂

Two favorite duos who appear on Ellen met in the green room.  Genius brothers Rainer and Atticus meet pink princesses Sophia Grace and Rosie.

A big thank you to Lauren--I won her most recent KIND Bar giveaway and I’m anxiously awaiting the delicious goodies!  I’ve tried a few flavors before and am looking forward to even more.

Fellow Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors sounded off on best at home fitness equipment.  My choice – my iPod and Nike Fit.

And finally, a picture of bi-partisanship at its finest.

What’s your favorite at-home fitness equipment?  Have you ever run for any type of ‘office’?  Favorite part of the past week?  Favorite KIND Bar flavor?  

10 responses

  1. Nice job on winning the condo-race 😉 that’s cool that you’re doing that!

    Favorite part of the past week… hmm I went to an improv comedy show last night that was so much fun!!!

    Favorite Kind Bar… I remember loving one I got in a lolihop box but I don’t remember what was IN it!

  2. Urgh, I’d have wanted to kick that sign in your shoes! Hope you had a nice relaxed weekend to make up for the week.
    And now you mention it, there was a bit of talk about elections somewhere; it must have been those two… 😉

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