Weekend Blur


The weekend flew by.

Sharing a few pictures and activities…

The Quality Assurance Guy (QAG) and I went to Free Art Friday – 4×6 canvases and paints were available for us to spark our creativity. Here’s a perfect example of the difference between us–QAG brought supplemental art supplies and worked in perfect lines and corners.


I sat with a plate of paint in front of me for about 15 minutes waiting for inspiration. I have a little aversion to arts and crafts…I blame my elementary school teacher who, when I’d say, “Mr. B. I’m done with my project,” would respond with, “A meatloaf is done. You are finished.” But Free Art Friday was a fun way to start the weekend.

I tried to convince QAG that my painting was an imperfect representation of the sun, water, and sunset of Santorini, Greece. He didn’t buy it.

Next up in December – ornament decorating. That sounds fun!!

We got Tucker and Kostas out for a lot of fresh air and I thought it seemed like a good idea to try to pick up Kostas. That didn’t last. He looks like a lamb.

So tired that they were willing to share the dog bed.

I made a big pot of soup today that QAG said was “the ultimate harvest soup.” I’ll share the recipe this week.

Also wanted to share this from Lora’s blog – the Virtual Run for Hurricane Sandy Recovery. I’m on the hunt for a November run.

How was your weekend? What was the last art project you did?



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