Happy Halloween!

Over the weekend I saw a lot of people out and about in costume.

Richard Simmons was biking through town

And these fellas were keeping warm in the bear suits

What was your favorite Halloween costume?
When I was little I remember going as a “Lady” (I think my mom sewed a dress, apron, etc for me) and I really liked my Pete’s Dragon plastic costume.  Does anyone remember these old school costumes that were a plastic mask and a jacket/apron?


One year in Chicago I thought I was pretty creative–I was headed out to a bar crawl and dressed as a bike messenger:  running tights, jacket, running shoes, gloves, bike helmet, messenger bag.  I was warm and could carry wallets, purses, coats, etc. for my friends.  Smart, right?!

Now a quick spooky story…two nights ago I woke up from a deep sleep and heard voices in the condo.  I stumbled out of bed, half-asleep to try and figure out what was going on.  As I woke up, I realized that the radio was playing on my iPad.  My iPad which was in my work bag and hadn’t been used all day.  It was powered on but no app was selected and nothing was open – it was just on the home screen.  I couldn’t get the radio to stop playing but then finally just turned the iPad off.  It was a little creepy.

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