23 PAWS (#5): Portable Space Heater

It’s time for another edition of 23 PAWS, hosted by Cinnamon at Eat, Pray, Tri.

A great excuse for pet owners/lovers to write about our pawed friends.

Kosats is huge.

He’s 85+ lbs and doesn’t understand that he’s not a tiny lap dog.

Speaking of lap dogs…

Through the bad lighting you can still see that he’s sitting on me…

Don’t mind if I do…

Kostas just wants to be close. If I’m sitting at the counter, he’s sleeping at my feet. If I’m in the shower, he’s laying on the rug outside the shower. (Side note–Kostas loves soap. He’s been known to stick his head into the shower and lick suds and water.) If I’m trying to get out the door, he’s right there to remind me to take him with me.

If I’m reading in bed or going to sleep…or trying to sleep

Have you ever slept with a 85 lb Lab on top of you? Me neither – definitely like an alarm clock.

I call Kostas my portable space heater because he always wants to be right next to me (or in my lap) and when I let him (which is often) sleep in bed, he keeps me really warm. He starts off all curled up into a “little” ball – I think he does that to make it seem like he won’t take up much space. Fast forward 7 hours…

Hostile Takeover

The October 2012 issue of Fitness Magazine features an article “Make Tonight a Total Snoozefest” and shares tips on getting a good night’s sleep. One of the tips, allow your pet in bed, and the companionship can restore sound sleep. Maybe sometimes, but 7 hours after allowing Kostas in bed, I’m usually not rested. He kicks at night – I’ve woken up to him “punching” me in the chest with his huge rabbit feet.

It’s hard to say No to this face:

Do you allow your pet in bed? Any “rules” that you allow your pet to break that your partner is a stickler for?

I better include a shout-out to Tucker today!

13 responses

  1. awwww! i love dog posts. šŸ™‚ we used to let our dogs sleep in bed with us occasionally, but two 50+ lb dogs and two humans in a queen sized bed got a little crowded. after we moved and got new bedding, the pups have been stuck with their dog beds at night.

  2. Ahh, he’s so cute!
    So… yeah… BOTH of my dogs sleep in bed with my husband and me. They’re 70 lbs each and certainly take up some room (we have a huge bed). It’s nice to use them as a space heater, because I get so cold at night, but I’ve certainly had my share of being kicked in the face in the middle of the night many, many times.

  3. I used to let Charlie on the bed, but once we moved, we broke him of that habit. Now he sleeps in a spot underneath the bed…and there was randomly a pillow under there for storage…and he rests his little head on it. It’s super cute, so now the pillow is there to stay. Also strangely, now that he thinks the bed is off-limits, if I put him up there for even a sec, he gets weirded out and jumps right down.

  4. I love that last picture, I couldn’t say no to that face either! My dog usually doesn’t sleep in the bed, but with my boyfriend gone she has been for the past 6 weeks. Before he moved in she always slept with me, our bed is just not big enough for the 3 of us. She’s kind of grumpy though and if I move around to much she snorts her nose and hops out of bed. It’s really funny.

  5. Our dogs are allowed to sleep wherever they want. One is good and always sleeps at my husband’s feet, the other usually sleeps at my feet but sometimes picks new spots.

    Your ‘little’ guy is adorable.

  6. we call Guinn the space heater as well! His little body just gives off so much heat he always keeps us warm. 85 lbs….that would be tough! I love the 8-10lbs-ers that sleep in my bed, but much bigger than that and it could get rough! We let all the pups sleep in the bed. I do feel like i sleep better with them with me. Luckily, Paul doesn’t mind. šŸ˜‰

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