Friday Round-Up

Last weekend the Ironman World Championships took place in Hawaii.  Pete Jacobs placed first (being able to claim that he’s one of the best athlete’s on earth) coming in at 8 hours,18 minutes and 33 seconds.  At the opposite end of the field was 37 year old Bonner Paddock.  He became the first person with cerebral palsy to complete the Ironman. He finished just inside the event window at 16 hours, 38 minutes.  Here’s a great photo of his dance across the finish line!

More on Iromman – Rebecca from Blueberry Smiles wrote a neat post about dating an Ironman.

Lance Armstrong stepped down as Chairman of the Livestrong foundation.  Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Radio Shack all announced they’re cutting ties with the champion, who’s been stripped of his titles over charges that he used drugs to enhance his performance. But they say they will continue to support Livestrong, which has become a powerful and respected brand of its own.

I heard this interview on Marketplace that talked about the fact that when a charity leader such as Armstrong causes problems, the charity usually suffers.  Livestrong has started to see an up-tick in donations.  The charity has re-branded itself over the years to go from being the Lance Armstrong Foundation to simply Livestrong.  And has become more of a healthy and wellness brand than specifically a cancer charity.

I have a few Livestrong t-shirts in my workout wear rotation and thought ‘do I need to retire these as to not support Armstrong?’.  Nope – keeping the bigger picture in mind of Livestrong!

And finally, a funny dog story…

Meet Lincoln, he won’t get out of bed.

Looks familiar–I always have to either tell Kostas he can have a treat or I say “Did you see the bunny outside?”  and he jumps out, runs to the window, and looks for rabbits.

Pretending to be half-asleep and not hearing me tell him to get out of bed!

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