Friday Round-Up and Winner

Happy Friday!  This may seem like more of a Friday random (a la Laura from Crazy Running Girl) than a round-up!

A few things to share today…

Let’s talk pants.  I saw this video a few weeks ago and the song is still stuck in my head.
The tight pants duo would be a good Halloween costume!

Speaking of pants…I buy long length pants…I had an Eddie Bauer coupon and went online to use it.  They charge extra for long length anything.  Boo.  I’m not a fan of paying extra because I have long legs, arms, torso!

Three cheers for JCrew long length dress pants.

A quick question for everyone—I’m going to start an Apples and Arteries Facebook page.  Fellow bloggers who have a blog FB page–what category did you choose when starting the page?  Business, Product, ?

It’s National Dog Week.

This observance was pioneered 84 years ago by Captain William Lewis Judy, a dog enthusiast who felt we ought to celebrate the military service of our canine companions as well as celebrate the ways that dogs all across our country enrich our lives.  Now the week encompasses raising awareness of what it means to be a responsible pet owner.

This is a great opportunity to share another photo of The Guys.  I suppose I should give them an extra treat today, too.

Thank you to everyone for the entries to the Kranich’s jewelry giveaway.  The winner (selected using is Jenn from Healthy Academic.

 Congratulations – I sent you an email re: details.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  What’s on tap?

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