23 PAWS (#4): A Foodie

It’s time for another 23 PAWS post and link-up – numbers 1-2 are here.  Head on over to Cinnamon’s monthly pet link-up to read more pet posts.

A lot of dogs are motivated by food.  I think bigger dogs are even more motivated by food.  And Kostas?  He lives to eat.  Dog food, people food, dog treats, sticks, and the occasional pizza crust found on the sidewalk!  He’s also a very good kitchen helper – he’s the pre-wash cycle.

It’s dark in here

I get a kick out of the dogs’ quirks – Tucker doesn’t have many quirks – he sticks to being a top-notch Lab.  The only thing I can think of is that he always has to walk on the left when he and Kostas are lined up.  They self-correct whenever leashes get twisted or they get out of order.

Labs in Line

Kostas’ newest quirk is that he has turned into a foodie – if a dog can be considered a foodie.  It’s taking Kostas longer and longer to finish his meals.  A couple of weeks ago he took to laying down by his bowl and ‘savoring’ each bite of kibble.  His newest quirk–only eating if he is laying down on his dog bed with his food bowl.

I can’t tell if he just wants to be comfortable, he gets tired eating, or it’s too ‘strenuous’ to have to bend down to reach the bowl.  I think it has something to do with wanting to keep Tucker away from his food.

What is your pet’s most unique ‘quirk’?





11 responses

  1. Cool dogs! Our cat, Sammy, kinda has a quirk: when he wants something, he always sits with his back toward you. It’s like he’s being passive-aggressive but it’s more funny than anything! 🙂

  2. It looks to me like he’s savoring every bite. So funny. My dogs are weird with food too. One eats as fast as possible and I think the other takes as long as possible just to annoy the first one.

    Love 23 PAWS!!

  3. Ahhh I love it. Chloe girl ALWAYS has to be on the left too when walking! Its the funniest thing. And Toby has been a big fan of laying down to eat his food for a while. Such a lazy guy! We laugh at him all the time.

  4. A few times a week we give our dog, Max, a special bone to chew on that he loves. As soon as he gets it, he runs away to a corner of the yard to eat it. It’s like he’s afraid someone’s going to take it back from him!

  5. My mum and dad’s dogs are the prewash cycle too; if they’re loading the dishwasher, you’ll always see one of them licking everything that goes in! I love the way Kostas savours his dinner 🙂
    Their best quirk is their running round the pond game – it starts with someone throwing a ball nearby, then they just go flat-out round and round it together for ages!

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