Catching Up

I was traveling for work over the past few days and got back to Madison last night.  Catching up on unpacking, laundry, email, etc.

So a quick post before getting back on track–

Airplane ride means time to read!  I set aside issues of the New York Times Magazine to read when traveling.  An interesting article I read was about Jacob Rainey – a high school football player tackled so severely during a game that his leg had to be amputated (at the knee).  He is one tough kid – he’s heading back out on the field with his team this season.

I also read Rodin’s Debutante by Ward Just – now I’m 28 Down, 22 to Go toward 50 Books in 2012.  This was a really interesting and engaging story.  It takes place in Illinois circa mid-20th Century.  There are a couple of story lines and the book is divided into parts that eventually bring the characters together.  There’s Tommy Ogden, an eccentric, wealthy recluse who decides to move out of his estate, hire a board of directors, and create an all boy’s prep school.  Then we meet Lee Goddell, a young boy growing up in New Jesper, Illinois, a quiet town on the outskirts of Chicago.  Two acts of crime occur in the town and cause his mother to insist the family move to the North Shore.  Lee enrolls at the prep school and has an encounter with Tommy Ogden; now very old.  Fast-forward to Lee’s time at the University of Chicago and his strong desire to be an artist.  He falls in love, marries, and then life comes full circle when one of the victims of the long ago New Jesper crime comes back to town to reconnect with Lee.

Just’s writing style was very engaging and fast-paced.  The story is very much a coming-of-age story full of rich details.  I plan on adding more of Just’s work to my reading list.

One last random item – I have a new travel tip for keeping healthy on the road.  This is by no means creative but it’s the first time I’ve done this.  I portioned out servings of oats and added a hand-full of dried cranberries and one scoop of Garden of Life Super Seed and put in Ziploc bags. A perfect breakfast to have handy when you don’t know what food will be available at meetings, you’re not sure when you’ll get to eat lunch, and you need to stay full for a while.  I simply asked for an extra cup when ordering coffee at Starbucks and then used the in-room coffee machine for hot water.  Bam!  Breakfast!

The Oatmeal Raisin & Spice Cookies also came along in my carry-on bag.  Perfect snacking fuel!

What are you catching up on today?


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