Sip, Clip and Go!

The nice folks at Sip, Clip and Go! Coffee sent me a few trial packs of their coffee to try.  Delicious!

I drink hot coffee every morning – I prefer strong coffee with just a splash of milk.  And in the Fall/Winter, I tend to add a few sprinkles of cinnamon to the grounds for a little added flavor.

1% of the coffee profits go to Bikes Belong, a non-profit organization that works to put more people on bicycles across the United States.

The brand is “geared” towards cyclists.  Even though my cycling is on a spin bike or a commuter bike, I appreciated the coffee and think it’s a cool brand.

About Sip, Clip & Go!:

Sip, Clip, and Go! Coffee began 6 years ago with two friends who shared a love of cycling and coffee. They started a blog about their cycling adventures, their love of coffee, and the cycling community in their bucolic section of western Massachusetts. What started as a whim became a ritual, and six years later, one member of the Sip Clip and Go team has brought that love of cycling and coffee culture to the next level (with her co-blogger cheering her on).

Cycling and coffee go so well together because they do the same thing–bring people together. You can see this at any charity bike ride or Gran Fondo, any group ride or at any cafe or coffee shop; people chatting, connecting over a cup of coffee or a new crankset and enjoying the day in front of them. This is what Sip, Clip and Go! Coffee endeavors to do: bring two great loves together. That perfect cup of coffee after a long leg-burning ride.

Karen works with local roasters in the Pioneer Valley to create Sip Clip and Go’s delicious blends. As an experienced coffee drinker she knows a good cup of coffee when she tastes one. Beyond her personal tastes, in her professional life she oversaw the operation of a very popular cafe serving very popular brand named coffee inside a very brand name bookstore for over a decade. Now she’s offering her own coffee–all to compliment the cycling community that she loves.

Sip, Clip and Go! Coffee is 100% Organic and Fair Trade. We also give 1% of our coffee profits to Bikes Belong, a non-profit organization that works to put more people on bicycles across the United States. So when you drink our coffee, you are supporting several worthwhile economies and causes at once. That’s powerful stuff.

About the Coffee:

The three blends available for purchase are: Crank Set, Off the Chain, and Carbon Free Commuter.  (Fun names – very clever.)
My favorite has been the Off the Chain – it’s a hearty Nicaraguan roast combined with an Indonesian Sumatran and Java for a full body flavor. This is your go-to brew after a few hours of carving up the woods, or dropping the hammer out on the road.  A great combination of medium and dark roasts for a complex cup that is “off the chain”.  In my own words, it is a full-bodied, dark and smooth coffee that has helped perk me up this week as I’ve gotten back to a morning workout routine.  I just finished the last of it this AM as I’m writing this post. And I’m thirsty for more!

Currently the coffee is available for purchase online and the company is working to get into stores/bike shops.  I look forward to following this company – and drinking the coffee.  I think they have a great product, a neat idea, and are working to fill a niche.

Thanks to Karen – aka “Chief Coffee Officer” – for the samples.  You can follow the company on Twitter @sipclipandgo and like them on Facebook .

What’s your favorite coffee?  Do you brew at home?  Thoughts about Sip, Clip and Go! Coffee?

*Note – I received the coffee samples and the views expressed in this post are my own*

7 responses

  1. Thanks for the glowing review! Glad you enjoyed the coffee. Confession: Off the Chain is my favorite too–although Crankset and Carbon Free Commuter are pretty great too 🙂

  2. I used to buy my coffee at a “big box” store, but since trying all three selections of Sip, Clip, & Go (pre-ground) I have purchased an excellent coffee grinder and now buy the whole beans and grind just enough for a full pot of “perked” coffee each morning. We prefer the “Carbon Free Commuter”. Coffee has never tasted so good.

  3. Nice review!! My favorite so far has been Off the Chain, but we haven’t tried the Carbon Free Commuter.

    I also wrote a review on my blog if you want to stop by and check it out! Once you get to my blog, I have a page of my favorite posts (Read these posts), and there’s a link to it.

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