23 PAWS (#3): Special Pups

It’s time for another 23 PAWS post and link-up – numbers 1 and 2 are here.  Head on over to Cinnamon’s monthly pet link-up to read more pet posts.


Tucker and Kostas are very special but today I wanted to share a few stories about other special puppies!

Meet Pirelli.  He was born with only 3 paws and he’s being primed for a special job – raising disability awareness.

Pirelli was born at Canine Assistants, an organization that breeds and trains service dogs.  Pirelli will have the job of traveling to schools and visiting with children to teach them that disabled does not mean different.  You can read more about Pirelli here.  (Pirelli and Canine Assistants are on Twitter.)

The TSA Canine Academy breeds and trains dogs to be future explosives detection dogs within the National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program. Dogs that graduate from training are assigned to airports and mass transit systems nationwide.

You can learn more about the program via this Today Show clip.  The puppies are all named after victims of the 9/11 attacks – this video is a 9/11 widow meeting her husband’s puppy namesake (warning – you’ll need a tissue).

Kostas could be trained to detect empty peanut butter jars. Here he is sleeping under the garbage.  I’m sure he was dreaming of food.

Do you have any unique dog stories to share?

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  1. very, very cool organization! I had no idea! I need to come back and watch that clip when I can have some kleenex close by b/c I KNOW I will need it! Sleeping under the garbage…priceless!

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