Farmers Market Finds

Happy Weekend.

My alarm clock!

Today I wanted to walk away from the farmers market with a couple of new-to-me items.

Not that carrots are new, but purple carrots are.

And patty pan squash.  Have you tried it?  How did you make it?  I may roast the squash, eggplant, and peppers to have on-hand for the week.

Mmmm…apples!  Local apple growers will have a smaller crop this year due to weather.  Most orchards will not have pick-you-own options just so the precious apples that are on the trees are picked with care and don’t go to waste.  I will stick to the pick-my-own by way of the market or going directly to my favorite orchards.

Today’s bounty

What are you cooking this weekend?  I’m going to a family dinner tonight–my dad is grilling burgers and I’m in charge of bringing the pretzel rolls.  Check out Pretzilla!  And to keep it extra healthy, Cybros sprouted hamburger buns, too!

5 responses

  1. Just had patty pan squash for the first time last night. I sauteed them in a olive oil/butter combo with just a bit of garlic. DELISH!!

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