Friday Round-Up: 8.17.12

Happy Friday.

It has been a busy, busy, busy week.  Even these Guys are tired.  Weather has been beautiful so they have been getting a lot of fresh air.  This morning I had to wake them up to eat.  That’s a rare occurrence.

Sleepy Puppies!

Speaking of puppies, Lauren posted this link to a puppy cam on her site a couple of weeks ago.  You could spend all day watching these cute golden retriever puppies!

To try and recover from Olympics jet-lag I have watched a few Shark Week episodes.  Every Summer I do this and every Summer I ask myself, “Why are you watching Shark Week shows?”  I think I come close to passing out watching some of these shows.  Watching re-enactments of attacks.  Yikes!

This is about as far in the ocean as I go.

If it’s a really hot day I may go in far enough to cool my ankles and that’s where I stop.  During a recent beach trip I noticed the purple flag flying at the beach.  I went to read the sign to decipher the purple code.  Purple=”Dangerous marine life”.  Earlier that day a young man fishing on the beach said he’d caught a hammerhead shark and a stingray.  Thank you I will stick to my beach chair.

Non-sequitur…transition to National Geographic’s winners of its 2012 Photo Contest.  These photos are worth a quick look.  Beautiful images from around the world.

Have you been watching Shark Week?  Ever see a shark in the water?  I’ve seen dolphins – that’s safe!




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  1. I’ve watched Shark Week in the past and got so into it! I’ve done my best to avoid it this year so I don’t get sucked in. My labs have been pretty tired this week too.

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