Monday Musings

The weather in Madison yesterday was a treat – sunny, breezy, cool enough to need a sweatshirt in the AM!  Is this August?

I took the Guys for a walk and even they seemed refreshed.  People were friendlier and happier – probably because it was the first day out of the 90s since June.

Lake Breeze

I’m used to kids asking to pet or say Hello to the Guys – yesterday was a first.  A little boy who came eye-to-eye with Kostas asked if he could “kiss the puppy”.  As I was saying Yes, he swooped in to plant one on Kostas’ head and what he didn’t realize was that he’d get a wet sloppy kiss from the puppy!  It was adorable.

Taking a little break

Oh, and we chased all of the ducks into the water…

They weren’t going to wait around to meet the Guys

I was busy baking in the early AM…what does one do when their neighbors are having an after-bar-party at 4:00am on a Sunday (Really?) – Wake up, write a blog post, watch the women’s Olympic Marathon, bake muffins, and make a batch of granola.  All before 7am.

I tweaked a recipe for zucchini bread that my mom gave me – recipe to come.

As for the granola, Tucker was nice enough to help himself (i.e. rip apart a Ziplock bag) 1/4 of a bag of homemade granola last week.  Not good.

I’m finding that a good trick to bulk up granola is to add cereal.  I’ve made this recipe before and yesterday’s was a variation with Grape Nuts, hazelnuts, golden raisins, and dried cranberries.

And if you’re wondering, yes – I had kitchen helpers.  A note to my friends and family who eat baked goods from my kitchen – I do, in fact, disinfect all dishes!!

Kostas’ head and paw are in the bowl

He’s finished with the “pre-wash” but you can see that Tucker is sitting behind him–so he’s keeping possession of the bowl!

What are some of your go-to tasks if you’re up earlier than usual?  I really enjoy baking in the early AM!

What’s something unusual that a pet has eaten?  My first dog Murphy was a scavenger…he actually knew how to open the refrigerator and could open containers to get to the food.  He also once pulled a 30lb. bag of dog food out from under the sink and ate all day.  Thankfully he was OK.  And once he tried to eat a bag of flour.  






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  1. The Guys are so cute! Kostas and my Lucky really could be twins. The most unusual thing a pet has eaten is pecans. My cat ate a lot of pecans and the next morning he was incredibly bloated and had to take a trip to the vet to get cleaned out. Needless to say he never did that again!

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