Sunday Search

How is it already Sunday?  The weekend is flying by.

I’m taking a page out of Monica’s book and highlighting a few of the search terms that brought folks to the blog.

In no particular order…

1.  Does Michael Phelps have a girlfriend 2012?  I don’t know and the answer isn’t here!

2.  Missy Franklin:  Missy Franklin shoulder wide; Missy Franklin height; Missy Franklin size 13 feet.  On Friday I featured a story about her build and yes–she’s tall, has wide shoulders, and size 13 feet.  Tall girls with size 11-13 feet unite.

3.  Circulation of apples.  Hmmm…I’m stumped.

4.  Nicole’s Nummies.  I hope they weren’t disappointed when they read that is the name of my would-be Food Network show.

5.  Show me a recipe for bran muffins, walnuts, oats, applesause, carrots.  Certainly.

Is anyone else up early watching the Women’s Marathon?  Those poor ladies having to pound out 26.2 miles in rain, fog, wind.  They are cruising through London at a very fast pace.  

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