Friday Round-up: Olympics

It’s been difficult to not watch the Olympics.  The past week has been the Swimming Olympics and I’ve enjoyed watching the races and cheering for Team USA!

Did you know that US Olympic athletes who win a medal also win a cash honorarium from the US government?  That was news to me.




Cash honorarium means the athletes do pay taxes on their win.  That’s why this has risen to the headlines.


Olympic athletes come in all shapes and sizes.  This graphic depicts the perfect swimmer, if built from scratch.  Basically, Missy Franklin.  Her long arms, large hands (paddles), size 13 feet (flippers), wide shoulders, and 6’1″ frame all help her propel through the water with speed and strength.

Last weekend the Wall Street Journal featured a very interesting article (Bodies Built for Gold) that discusses the physical advantage of five athletes whose training, along with their height, strength, etc. could help them win gold.


And finally, did you know that tug-of-war used to be an Olympic sport?  And even rope climbing?  No joke!  From 1900-1920 teams competed in tug-of-war and rope climbing was in the Games in 1896, 1904, 1906, 1924, 1932, as part of the final event of the gymnastics competition.  (Source)

What sport or activity would you like to see in the Olympics?



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  1. Wow, our athletes don’t get anything for medals – our first two gold medallists, female rowers, go back to work soon; one as a teacher and one in the Army!
    That’s really interesting that they analysed athletes’ bodies – and I’d love it if tug-of-war was still an Olympic sport 🙂

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