23 PAWS (#2): Sibling Rivalry

It’s time for another 23 PAWS post and link-up.  Head on over to Cinnamon’s monthly pet link-up to read more pet posts.

When Kostas and Tucker met they were each used to being an “only child”.  They each had their “person” and I think they lived the high life being the center of attention.

In fact, the first time they spent a day together, Tucker nearly ripped Kostas’ head off when he (K) tried to drink from his (T’s) water bowl.  Tucker is definitely the alpha male (and is also super sweet and affectionate).

Tucker – Sleepy puppy

Kostas has figured out the one thing he can do to drive Tucker bananas…taunt him with a stick/toy.

Tucker speaking his mind

We’ll throw the toy, Kostas will “fetch” it, bring it back but they lay down in front of Tucker and chew the toy.  Tucker barks.


And sticks…Kostas finds them on our walks.  Carries them for 4 miles, and at every stoplight, lays down to chew the stick.  Tucker stares him down.

Tucker’s turn

All in all, The Guys are good buddies.  Sometimes they work together (like when they lobby to eat breakfast or dinner) and sometimes they drive each other crazy.  And once in a while, they share a dog bed.

17 responses

  1. So cute! Two dogs is definitely more challenging, but they are so cute when they are friends. We used to have a Scnauzer named Tucker – it’s such a great dog name.

  2. Hi, Tucker and Kostas! You guys are soo cute together :). I’m not so sure if Kona is ready for a sibling. He gets extremely jealous and is crazy possessive, so he’ll make the new dog’s life a living hell. I’m sure of it! I love how they’re sharing that one tiny bed! lol!! Can’t stay away, eh?

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