Words of Wisdom

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads…but especially to my dad!

He’s a great cook (lasagna, risotto, anything on the grill), baker (Christmas cookies), and expert gardener (which leads to fresh pesto, pasta sauce, and raspberry preserves)!


He also has always shared some real word’s of wisdom with me and my brother that were applicable when we were kids and are even more relevant as adults.

Yes I’d be happy to–this was one that always made me roll my eyes as a kid.  This was supposed to be our answer to my mom when she’d tell us to do something we didn’t want to!  We didn’t really have a choice, and now I appreciate that.  In the long-run, it was better to go with the flow, pitch in, and stay positive.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcomethe credit on this one really goes to Clint Eastwood but he and my dad are on to something here…instead of panicking, over-reacting, or getting flustered, take a breath and think of how you can improvise, adapt, overcome.

Attitude is Everything–this is the most important one and doesn’t even need explaining.

Here’s a poem I found online:

Attitude after all, is everything! 
You can choose the one you wish.
It could be the one that’s positive
Or negativity is all you’ll get! 

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