Grandy Oats

I was so excited to come home from a Spin class a couple of weeks ago and find a box from Tina at Grandy Oats.  I’d read about Grandy Oats in the May issue of Fitness Magazine and reached out to the company to try their product and spread the word.

I received the single-serve organic oatmeal and a few little packets of the company’s best-selling bulk and packaged granola (Swiss Muesli, High Antioxidant Trail Mix and their famous Maple Roasted Cashews).  I immediately tore into the cashews–wow!  Delicious–not overly sweet but with a subtle maple taste.  Everything tastes very natural and wonderful.

The oats were a perfect go-to while traveling.  You just add hot water, stir, cover and let sit for 3 minutes.  Voila.  Organic oats with dried cranberries and apples (!).

Grandy Oats is located in rural Maine and is a great, sustainable company to support.  They have been in business for over 30 years, everything is still hand made in small 50-60lb batches, all ingredients are 100% organic, the company does not use refined sweeteners or any artificial ingredients, and employs local residents to mix the products. There’s a really cool slide-show on the website showing the mixing and making process.

Grandy Oats is offering a discount to Apples and Arteries readers…from now through the end of June, you can receive $5 off of orders of $50 or more by using the code Apples5 at www.grandyoats.comAnd free shipping is offered on orders over $35.

I hope you’ll check out the delicious and natural products that Grandy Oats has to offer.  Now, Grandy Oats, will you please start selling all of this goodness in Wisconsin?

(Note:  The opinions expressed are my own; I received the product samples to try and am not receiving any compensation for this review or promotion.)

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