Friday Funnies: 5/18/12

A few funnies today…

Did you see this Wheel of Fortune puzzle that went unsolved?


The girls were back on Ellen this week.  They threw out the first pitch at a Dodger’s game and met Russell Brand.  Too cute!

This isn’t as much of a laugh as it is an “Ewwwww”…headline:  Finger in Arby’s Sandwich.  If that doesn’t get people to skip the fast-food drive through, I don’t know what would!

And finally, the winner of the bag of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts is: Ray (please email me by Sunday at applesandarteries at gmail dot com with your address.)

This week I learned that writing about hemp protein directs a lot of traffic to the blog that wasn’t looking for hemp in the health sense…

Happy Weekend!

10 responses

  1. Oh my gosh- is that puzzle for real?! I posted a photo on Instagram last week of someone who missed “Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean.” The only letters missing were L, R, N and Q. She guessed “Caribbean Queen by BIFFY Ocean.”

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