Friday Funnies: 4/26/12

Here’s a recap of things that made me laugh this week:

1.  Talking to yourself may boost brainpower
Phew!  Now I don’t feel bad about the days when I find myself talking to myself as I’m working away.  Sometimes I have to do that to keep track of what I’m doing or remind myself of what’s next on my list.

2.  Sophia Grace and Rosie visited Ellen yesterday.  The enthusiasm is “So Good”!


3.  Tomorrow is football Saturday in Madison (Spring practice game) and we’re heading to the game.  I wanted to be prepared with a good football joke:

What did the football coach say to the broken vending machine?

Give me my quarterback!

Believe it or not, “friday the 13th funnies” and “pineapple jokes” are in the top 10 search terms that have brought people to the blog.

Happy Weekend!


7 responses

  1. I saw some research about talking to yourself that also said muttering the name of anything you’d lost would help you find it and that next time you lose your keys, you should shout: “KEYS” really loudly…. don’t think I’ll be trying that one though 🙂

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