Today’s Workout: Tracey Staehle Sculpt Sweatfest

Another great workout DVD to try–Tracey Staehle Sculpt Sweatfest. This is another one of my Netflix finds and I’ve kept it in my regular rotation of weight-training DVDs. I love it and I’m always sore the next day–good sore, knowing I worked major muscles and even a few I forget that I have!

This is a 60-minute workout, but it also includes a menu that allows you to customize a workout. For example, on Sunday I only had about 40 minutes to get in a workout so I chose the 30 minute upper-body workout and 9 minute ab workout.

Let’s talk about the ab exercises on this DVD. Owwwww! Lots of planks including 1 arm planks that progress to 1 arm, 1 leg planks. With a planks “chaser” in between of holding a regular plank before moving on to the fancy planks.
You will need a very light set of weights (for shoulders), and a medium and heavy set of weights. I usually use sets of 3lbs, 8lbs, and 10lbs for the DVD. A stability ball and bosu ball are used in the DVD but not necessary. A mat is a good idea for the planks and ab exercises.

Tracey Staehle has a lot of DVDs out there and this is one of my favorites. You can learn more about Tracey in an article from 2006 about her first DVD shoot. I didn’t get the call to be a back-up girl in that DVD.

And here’s a clip from Sculpt Sweatfest:

If you’re looking for a whole-body strength-training workout, then Sculpt Sweatfest should make its way into your workout rotation.

What’s today’s workout?



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  1. Right now my only workout is “walking” and picking up sacks of rice, as well as a bit of regular exercising. ^^ But this looks like a fantastic and challenging workout!

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