May the odds be ever in your favor

My niece and I went to see The Hunger Games yesterday.  A day later, I’m still stressed out from that movie!

I have not read the books but I knew the general premise of the books/movie.  The whole idea of kids hunting one another is really unsettling to me!

We went to an early show and it was playing in a “Bistro” theatre.  I had no idea what that meant when I bought the tickets.  Guess what?  It means you sit at a long table and can order food.  I felt like I was at a boardroom meeting for 2.5 hours!  And there were waiters coming in and out of theatre the entire time.  The people next to us were chomping on nachos and beer–we were enjoying our bottles of water and Goldfish crackers.

The movie was intense and stressful…we both really liked it but it was so stressful!  I screamed out loud a couple of times and I kept asking Julia (who has studiously read the trilogy) what was going to happen.  The anticipation was too much!

When we walked out of the theatre, it was a beautiful sunny day.  Thank goodness…I needed to surround myself with sunshine, puppies, and babies after that dark movie.

Lots to do today–I have a couple of cooking/baking projects ahead of me to make for Easter.  I’m looking forward to a nice afternoon with my family tomorrow.  And if I’m lucky, I may find an egg in the yard.

I also feel like I need to go and learn how to bow hunt today–you just never know when that skill may come in handy!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I haven’t wanted to see the movie just for those reasons! I read the books and it’s so disturbing! What a neat theater- we have one nearby that allows cocktails, but there aren’t waiters, you have to go to the lobby to purchase, which isn’t very convenient.

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