Happy National Walking Day

Did you know you should’ve worn sneakers to work today?  April 4th is the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day.  The American Heart Association has a program that encourages employers to participate and encourage employees to wear sneakers to work and take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk!

The day is meant to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and a healthier life.  The American Heart Association website has some great tools and resources to help you improve your heart health.  A few walking facts from the American Heart Association:

  • Walking is the single most effective form of exercise to improve heart health.
  • Walking improves circulation, reduces stress and anxiety, increases optimism, and improves muscle tone & strength.
  • Walking for an hour each day can cut the genetic risk of obesity in half.

Walking Buddies

I walk a lot–I’m lucky that I can walk to and from work.  I’m also very lucky that I have walking buddies that get me out on the path everyday.

One of these dogs is always on high alert…one is more concerned with his stick…

T and K

Kostas is known to carry a stick for 5 miles round-trip.

So lace up your shoes, enjoy the fresh air, and do your heart a favor…get walking!

And if you’re like me, your walking buddy will never let you leave without him!

8 responses

  1. I think most people underestimate walking as a form of exercise. My mom has restrictions to working out and I always remind her walking is great too, and certainly better than nothing! I gained an appreciation for walking while I was pregnant and could not run anymore. You can still work up quite the sweat!

  2. I love, love LOVE when I see a dog walking with a stick in his mouth- I think it is the cutest thing ever! My dog Jackson liked to walk with his LEASH in his mouth. He’s a control freak.

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