Today’s Workout: Kelly Coffey-Meyer: 30 Minutes to Fitness

I have been relying on my trusty Netflix subscription for workout DVDs which help me shake things up a bit during the week.  If you’re in need of an at-home workout with weights, then check out Kelly Coffey-Meyer:  30 Minutes to Fitness —if you have 30 minutes or 60 minutes for a workout, then check this out.

There are upper-body, lower-body, abs and core exercises.  And a little light cardio, too.  I think this is an intermediate workout but could easily be modified for beginners.

You’ll need at least 1 or 2 sets of weights–I used my 10lb and 8lb dumbbells and even threw in a 12lb dumbbell for one set of bicep curls.  A step is optional.

There’s something about this workout that makes me really push myself to complete all of the reps with heavy (for me) weights.  Two moves that I don’t necessarily enjoy but know are good for working my muscles are the push-ups to 1-arm plank move and the nose, hips, downward dog move.  The nose, hips move is kind of like doing a push-up, plank, and downward dog all in one swift move.  You feel that one!

I’ve always wanted to sing in a band–just once.  One night as a singer–that’s all.  I’d even be happy with one song.  Now I’m thinking of a new “want”…I want to be a back-up workout-er in a workout DVD.  My spandex, high ponytail, dumbbells and I will be standing by.

Visit CoffeyFit for more information on Kelly and her workout DVDs.

What’s an exercise that you don’t like to do but you know is really good for you?  

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