His and Hers Homemade Pizza

There have been a couple of Apples and Arteries posts about pizza…so it’s no surprise that I’m now posting about homemade pizza!  I have always enjoyed pizza and love trying out new veggie toppings.  I’ve gotten really good at not being embarrassed at restaurants when asking to completely customize and switch up an existing menu item into my own creation.

Last night I didn’t have to be embarrassed as I topped my own little pizza.  Quality Assurance Guy and I enjoyed His and Hers Pizzas:

His: pesto, sausage, pepperoni, crimini mushrooms, kalamata olives, cheese

Hers: Crushed tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, artichokes

We started with the Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza crust.  As I rolled it out we tried putting it on three different pans–it’s a lot of crust so we split it into two pans and continued with our own toppings.  One of these days I’ll try making my own pizza crust.  This King Arthur Flour Flax Seed Pizza Crust is on my “to make” list.  These crusts do have a minimal amount of olive oil–as part of my plant-strong program, I avoid oils but am not sure of a substitute for crust…any ideas?

Note to at home pizza makers:  pesto runs through pizza crust.  Last night was a bit of an R&D night and we probably won’t use pesto on the pizza in the future.  Or maybe just a lot less–the oil soaked through the crust and made for a bit of a soggy pizza.  Well, or maybe it was the sausage and pepperoni grease 🙂

I splurged a bit by buying a jar of Eden Organic Crushed Tomatoes with Sweet Basil.  This was a perfect pizza sauce and now I’ve got a huge jar to use with other recipes.  My dad makes the best garden fresh (literally, everything from the garden) tomato sauce.  I feel like I have to be covert about buying tomato sauce!  Sorry Dad…I just didn’t have time to defrost a container of your sauce.

My final topping once the pizzas came out of the oven was arugula!  Arugula adds a little spiciness and extra freshness.  I’ve had this at a local restaurant and am loving greens on pizza.  I asked QAG if he wanted a little on top of his.  The response:  “Why would I want to ruin my pizza?”  To each his/her own.

Final topping: arugula

There you have it!  A glimpse into Saturday night His and Hers Pizza Night!  Oh…and we saw a movie this weekend but it wasn’t the movie that everyone’s talking about!  I’m saving Hunger Games for a couple of weeks when I can take my niece.  We saw The Adventures of Tintin–it was playing on campus and was a really fun movie with amazing animation.  The audience was mainly adults and college students but there were a few kids.  Classic moment was Tintin telling the sea captain that he’s now sober and a little voice piping up from the audience:  “Dad, what’s sober?”  From the mouths of babes…

Off to enjoy a sunny and warm Sunday!

Question: What’s your favorite pizza topping?

5 responses

  1. I love adding fresh arugula on top of pizza!

    As for the oil question, I made a homemade crust without oil recently but I can’t remember what recipe I used! It was actually a recipe for whole wheat bread–I stole a chunk of dough before baking the loaf and used it a few days later to make a pizza. But, I would imagine that if you just omitted the oil or used a bread recipe without oil and formed it into a pizza shape, it would come out great!

  2. I was about to say what Jamie did! Just try a bread recipe without oil, or a recipe for flatbreads, which don’t usually have oil anyway, might work?
    My favourite toppings are cheese and roasted vegetables. I’m not a vegetarian but don’t eat much meat and the thoguht of a meaty pizza isn’t nice!

  3. We make his and her pizzas every single Friday night. Unless we’re not home on Friday- we make them Thursday or Saturday.
    I make all different types of crust for, and Greg usually always used a Trader Joe’s Naan bread. Jenna from Eat, Live, Run has the best pizza dough recipe ever: http://www.eatliverun.com/the-best-pizza-dough/
    We use Bionature organic crushed tomatoes and add salt and seasoning. And I put just about every veggie in my fridge on for a topping. 🙂

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