Weekend Snow

We have been lucky in Wisconsin–winter has been relatively mild.  The downside  is that I haven’t been able to use my snowshoes this season.  I’m hopeful that there will be some major x-country ski blowout sales!

Another downside, less baking!  There’s just something about a snowstorm that makes it a-ok to stay in ones pjs all morning baking cookies and muffins.  Here’s a little recap of the weekend shenanigans…

This commuter had a rough ride home on Friday night

Pretty snow

This is one thing about urban living that always amazes me…property owners are very specific and particular about not shoveling anything more than they have to:

Drawing a line in the snow

My kitchen helper spent the morning helping “do the dishes” and keep an eye on the oven.

Labs love almond butter!

"Don't forget to add the chocolate chips"

This might be my favorite picture–Kostas is very good at keeping an eye on the oven.





A snowy and cold Saturday night is a good night to go out for pizza.  Sadly the wait at Villa Dolce where they make the best halfsies pizza was quite long so we went around the corner to The Roman Candle Pizzeria.  It is a great pizzeria and the menu is expansive.  It’s where we took my nephew Luke for pizza a couple of weeks ago and he and I shared a vegan, veggie-packed pizza.  On Saturday QAG and I wanted to split a pizza and I think we really confused the waitress with our “Put the meat on one half, mushrooms and olives on the entire pizza, cheese on only the meat half, etc.”

1/2 meat, 1/2 veggies

Next time I may write out the order and draw a diagram.  I like to think that this type of pizza order keeps life interesting–no way would I categorize it as “high maintenance”.  It was tasty!

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  1. We haven’t had any snow in DC- well nothing that accumulated on the roads anyway. I’ve given up hope- but would seriously love to have a snow day (or at least a delay!)
    Your dog is so cute with that almond butter!

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