Induro Cycling–Zumba/Jazzercise on a Bike

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I like to get my spin on a few times a week.  A 45-60 minute hard core class.  Sweating and spinning out the stress from the day in an afternoon class or jump-starting the day with an energizing morning class.

I sit in the front row and I give the workout my all.  Thursday night I had to bring my spandex and sense of humor to the gym.

Have you heard of Induro Cycling?  It’s basically Zumba or Jazzercise on a bike.  I have never tried Zumba but I used to Jazzercise with my mom–grapevine to the left, grapevine to the right.  I loved the dancing around but I never thought I’d do that on a bike.

Thursday night we made it through the first half of class and then the instructor said she had a “surprise” for us.  I’m always skeptical of surprises.  Especially a surprise that involves a bike.

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The gym I go to now offers Induro Cycling. The company website describes Induro as a new spin on the indoor cycling workout by utilizing amazing soundtracks, virtual instructions, and cycling videos from all over the world.

A movie/travel video plays on a screen at the front of the room and there is an upbeat soundtrack.  Our class traveled around South Africa.  Mountains, urban roads, safari.  Huh?  At one point there was a cheetah running on the screen.  I was thinking to myself, “I bet the instructor will say Pretend you’re being chased by that cheetah.”  Sure enough–she said it.

Sitting in the front row of an Induro class feels a bit like sitting in the front row  of a movie theatre.  The diverse travel scenes made class feel like a mix of Rick Steeves, Amazing Race, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, 60 Minutes, and the Travel Channel.  All rolled up into a workout.  Oh, and there’s lots of jumping up and down, shimmying, high 5’s, etc.  At one point I was a little afraid I’d fall off or over the bike.

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It was a good workout–one that you could modify and take as hard or as easy as you’d like.  I do think it’s a good intro to cycling/spinning for people who might otherwise avoid taking a spin class.  I’m sticking to the traditional spin classes.  And one of these days, just for a giggle, I may wear my bike helmet to class.

Happy weekend everyone!
Question:  Have you heard of/tried Induro Cycling?

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