What kind of runner are you?

What kind of runner are you?  What do I mean by this?  Let me explain…

On Saturday I was able to get out for a run – I probably covered just about 3-4 miles.  It was 4pm, the sun was still out, and it was warm enough in Wisconsin to run in capri leggings, a long-sleeve shirt, hat and gloves.  Yes, you read correctly.  February in Wisconsin and I didn’t need a new wardrobe for warmth.

There were a lot of people out and about and I found I was having to bob and weave between students, tourists, people a little intoxicated after the afternoon UW vs. Ohio State basketball game…

I turned into one of those “Excuse me, pardon me” runners and finally just ran in the street (out of traffic, of course).

Are you a runner who:

 – Says “excuse me, pardon me” loudly as you run up behind people who won’t get out of the way?

Source: runbakerace

 – Jogs in place, does a set of jumping jacks, touches your toes, and checks your watch all while waiting for a traffic light to change?

Source: ferrebeekeeper

 – Does your entire stretching program in the middle of the race line-up about 3 minutes before the start gun goes off at a road race?  

Yep, that's me

I’m a little embarrassed by that one!

 – You sing out loud while running along–outdoors or even at the gym–you don’t care who hears you!  

Source: audiofuel - This cat needs an i-Pod

  – And finally:

No comment!

There you have it!  Keep running, my friends.
Questions:  What kind of a runner are you?  What are your running “quirks”?  

12 responses

  1. This is absolutely brilliant! I was nodding along to all of this. I remember someone one said that you should stop running at a traffic light, bc unless you are a shark, you won’t die if you stand still. Makes me feel like a proper runner I guess.

    I think I’m a mix of all sorts, depending on my mood:) That pic of the guy with the headset is amazing, haha.

  2. This is absolutely amazing. I was nodding along the whole time.

    I always stop at a red light, bc someone once said unless you’re a shark you won’t die if you stand still. I feel like a proper runner:)

    The headset guy is amazing, haha.

    I think I’m a mix of things when I run depending on my mood and where I’m running.

  3. haha! this post cracks me up. i am the singing out loud runner and probably (okay, most definitely) also the runner in the last picture. but who cares what i actually look like, right? usually my runs are so early it is dark so no one can see me anyways. 🙂

  4. That last picture’s brilliant! I don’t run that much and if I did, I don’t think I could cope with loads of people out because of my natural over-competitiveness – when I did a 5k, back in December, I wanted to overtake everyone but wasn’t quite fit enough, as my aching legs told me afterwards… 🙂

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