Happy Birthday Tucker!

I'm 11 today!

Today is a special day for our little team…it’s Tucker’s Birthday!  He’s 11 today.  That’s a big deal  for a Labrador but Tucker is no ordinary Lab!  By the way, his official, American Kennel Club name is Tricky Mother Tucker.

I first met Tucker about 2.5 years ago.  He almost took Kostas down at a dog park, but we quickly moved on from that.

Tolerating each other

Now they are buds.  They usually just tolerate one another but occasionally they’ll share a dog bed or I’ll see Kostas giving Tucker kisses on his ears.

Who's going to move?

Tucker was born in Rancho Santa Fe, California and QAG became Tucker’s “person” when Tucker was 3 months old.

They have been a dynamic, inseparable duo but I like to think Kostas and I have added more life to the party and love-fest.

Tucker is the most loyal dog I’ve ever met.  He is obsessed with QAG and seems to be mildly hard of hearing when I give him (Tucker) a command.  And QAG is the most responsible dog owner I’ve ever met:  making sure Tucker eats his  non-chicken diet, gets a spoon-full of yogurt in his dog food for his sensitive stomach, the dog bed is fluffed every night, Tucker’s ears are clean, his coat is shiny, and he gets plenty of exercise and fresh air.

The three things about Tucker that I appreciate most are:

1.  He is very protective and I always feel safe when I take Tucker and Kostas out for a walk.  Tucker would hurt someone…Kostas would lick them.

2.  Tucker’s tail is always wagging.  It’s like he is constantly smiling and I appreciate his optimistic outlook.

Puppy Kisses

3.  Tucker gives such nice little puppy kisses.  He is very judicious with kisses so it’s a treat to get a tiny little greeting from him.

While Tucker’s snout has a few more white hairs than it did when I first met him, he’s a happy, healthy, handsome Lab who lives each day to its fullest.  There’s a lot to be said for that!

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