How many lbs of carrots will you eat today?

Here we are, it’s Super Bowl Sunday.  Sadly, the Green Pay Packers are not in the Super Bowl.  If they were, I’d watch the game.  No Super Bowl plans for me today but I do have a baking project ahead of me that involves a rolling pin.

Thursday’s Wall Street Journal had a fun article called Carrots Vie for a Spot on Game Day but it included some icky statistics.  On Super Bowl Sunday, American’s will eat:
– 100 million lbs. of chicken wings–that’s 1.25 billion wings, enough to circle the Earth more than 2x
– 4.4 million pizzas–that’s more than 5 pizzas for every man, woman and child in Indianapolis
 – 43.2 million lbs of tortilla chips–that’s the equivalent of the height of 96 Statues of Liberty (Source:

The good plant-strong news?  There is a 25% increase in carrot consumption on Super Bowl Sunday compared to any other Sunday.  Quick aside…I once was on such a carrot-eating kick that my hands turned orange.  Yep – that happens.


Avocado sales also jump and have seen a fourfold growth in sales over the past decade with 71.4 million lbs expected to be consumed today.  Emiliano Escobedo, executive director of the Haas Avocado Board says, “Avocado people are party people.  If you go to a party and you don’t find guacamole, it is kind of weird.”  Are avocado people party people?  I would have to guess that most people dipping a chip in a big ‘ol bowl of guacamole today are not thinking about the anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits of avocados (in moderation).  (Source)

If you’re looking for a last-minute, easy dip to make for a party, why not try my 5 Ingredient Bean Dip…it goes really well with carrots!

Red Dress Pin

And if you find yourself at the mall today, don’t forget to check out Macy’s Go Red for Women “The Wear Red Sale“.  There are a couple of ways to save…buy a Red Dress pin for $2 and Macy’s will donate all Red Dress Pin
sales to American Heart Associations’s Go Red For Women® movement, or wear red for extra savings.  The savings with the pin are 20%–I’m not sure what the savings are if you wear red.  I was on a shopping mission yesterday and loved that I was supporting the American Heart Association!

You can also help raise money and awareness by finding @GoRedForWomen on Twitter and re-tweeting their Tweet about Macy’s donating $2 for every re-tweet.

Question:  Are carrots on today’s menu?

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