Noshing: Portable Panini

Have you ever had to wake up at 3am, drive to the airport, and catch a flight at 6am?  I have.

Have you ever had to wake up at 4am, spend 5 hours in a car by yourself, attend a 1/2 day event and then turn around and drive another 5 hours?  I have.

Have you ever decided to take toast smothered in nut butter and sprinkled with chia seeds and cinnamon on said trips only to have the nut-butter-coated chia seeds fall all over your car and/or business clothing?  I have.

The Cuisinart Panini & Sandwich Press is a neat kitchen gadget to own and use.  Up until September 2011, Gourmet Grill Cheese Sandwiches were made left and right on the press by my Quality Assurance Guy.  Tasty and oozing with cheese.  Having decided to eat plant-strong, I am trying to figure out what I can make on the press.  I had an  a-ha moment early one morning when I needed to take breakfast on the road.  Enter the Portable Panini!

Panini Assembly Line

Portable Panini
*2 pieces of bread (I prefer sprouted grain bread – if it’s frozen, the press will heat/toast the bread)
*Nut butter of your choice
*1 banana, sliced
*Chia seeds
*Blackstrap molasses


Ready to be pressed

1.  Plug in and heat the press.
2.  Spread nut butter on both slices of bread.
3.  Place sliced banana on one slice of bread.
4.  Drizzle molasses, sprinkle chia seeds and cinnamon on the other slice of bread.
5.  Place pieces of bread together to make a sandwich.
6.  Place on the press and cook until crisp and heated through. (Usually 7-9 minutes.)
7.  Enjoy! 

This is now my go-to portable breakfast and a weekend breakfast treat.

Portable Panini

Question:  Do you have any ideas for a plant-strong panini?  Please share!

Giveaway News
Thursday was my lucky day… I got a Tweet from Tara  (runner, triple-digit-weight-loss success story, motivator) saying that I won the Shielo hair product giveaway that she hosted on her blog!  Thanks Tara and thanks Shielo…my curly locks and I are excited to try the goods.

**Stay tuned…next week I’ll be announcing a giveaway!**

Happy weekend everyone!

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