2 Down, 48 to Go: Bright’s Passage

I am 2 books in to my 50 Books in 2012  goal.  Last week I wrote about book #1 and am ready to tell you about #2:  Bright’s Passage, the debut novel by singer/song writer Josh Ritter.  I’m listening to the Josh Ritter Pandora station as I type this post — so far, so good.

Josh Ritter Source: joshritter.com

This novel is the story of Henry Bright, a young, widowed veteran returning from World War I.  The story bounces between Henry and his newborn son fleeing a forest fire and cruel in-laws in the West Virginia hills, Henry’s trench warfare experiences in France, and his childhood.  I liked the fact that each chapter presented a different scene – it was either the present, the War, or Henry’s childhood.

I came across Bright’s Passage a few weeks ago after seeing War Horse.  Did you know that horses were used as part of cavalry charges, to transport materials to the front, and as a reliable form of transportation?  Over 8 million horses died (on all sides) in the War.

A key character in the story is Henry’s horse who is the guardian angel guiding Henry as he and his son escape the fire and Henry’s father-in-law who is seeking revenge after Henry’s young wife dies during childbirth (that happened within the first few pages of the novel…there was not a dry eye in the house reading that chapter!).  I don’t want to get into the horse and guardian angel too much because that’s a key piece in the story – the angel who helps Henry on the battlefield and is key at the end of the novel.

Source: joshritter.com

A free sample of the book is available on Josh’s website.

Question:  Have you read Bright’s Passage or seen War Horse?  Thoughts?

Book #3 is A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz.  A beautiful tribute to their golden retriever, Trixie.

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