1 Down, 49 to Go

I’m one book closer to my 50 Books in 2012 goal.  On Saturday I finished reading Latitudes of Melt by Joan Clark.

I bought the book at a library sidewalk sale and for $1 I figured it would either be a nice accessory on my bookshelf or I’d be lucky and actually enjoy it.  In a healthy almond nutshell, the unique story begins in 1912 when fishermen find a baby floating on a slab of ice in Newfoundland.  The baby (Aurora) is taken in and raised by a local family and the story follows Aurora through her life, marriage, children, and comes full circle when her granddaughter discovers that Aurora and her mother were passengers on the Titanic.

St John's - The Capital of Newfoundland Labrador (Photo courtesy of PhotoAtlas)

In its own way, Newfoundland is a leading character in the story and the reader learns about the history, geography, politics, and people.  Quick history lesson:  Usually called simply Newfoundland, the Canadian province’s name is officially Newfoundland and Labrador. The name change in 2001 gave more equality to mainland Labrador, which is overshadowed by the more inhabited and popular island of Newfoundland. Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada’s most easterly province and is a bit smaller than California and a bit bigger than Japan. The province’s geographical highlights include its waterways and coastline, thousands of coastal islands, and mountainous regions.

As I read Latitudes of Melt, I could imagine the landscape, the people, and the overall environment.  I always enjoy a story that allows me to dive-in, imagine characters, people, and places, and also learn new things.  One thing I knew about Newfoundland prior to reading the book:  That these Guys’ ancestors were from Newfoundland Labrador.

Tucker and Kostas - The Labradors

Question:  What are you reading?  I’m reading Bright’s Passage by Josh Ritter.  I was teary-eyed by page 4.  Stay tuned on this one!

7 responses

  1. Hey Doll!! Oooo What an interesting sounding book!! I love that you have a goal for 50 books!!

    I find lately I’m always reaching for a personal development book and haven’t taken the time to read a deep fuel my soul book, you know?? What have been some fav’s of yours??


    • Kris – thanks for your lovely comment. Have you read anything by Paulo Coehlo? The Alchemist is my favorite book of his…recently read The Aleph – also a great read. A little bit personal development/self-journey, a little bit mystic, a little bit life experiences.

  2. Hi pen pal! 🙂
    I love to read and I love this concept. I just might start keeping track of what I’m reading.
    Right now I’m reading a book called Bed about a man who turns 25 and decides to never again get out of bed. As a result he becomes the worlds heaviest man. I’m still reading it so that’s about all I can say right now. It’s very interesting but also a bit odd.
    What’s your favorite book?

  3. I found you in the comments of a freshly pressed post, and I’m really glad that I did. You seem to have put together a great site here. I will certainly be following along. I have a goal to read 12 books in 2012, which sort of pales in comparison, but I don’t read very much at all at the moment so its a great start for me. I am also going back to school full time at almost 40, and I wanted to make sure my goal would still be attainable with the course load I will be working through. Good luck getting to 50!

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