Fresh, Fast Veggie Pasta

Happy Tuesday.  For many of us it’s back to work after a nice holiday break.
This means it’s back to quick, easy, healthy weeknight meals.
There’s nothing fancy about this dish, but it’s packed with flavor and servings of veggies.  Take 5 and make this tonight!

Fresh, Fast Veggie Pasta
Serves 1-2
*1 clove garlic
*2-3 cups spinach
*6-8 crimini mushrooms
*10 grape tomatoes (any tomatoes will work – I had grape tomatoes on hand)
*1 lemon wedge
*1 sprig of parsley (optional but adds flavor)
*Salt and Pepper to taste
*Balsamic vinegar
*1-2 servings of whole grain pasta

1.  Saute vegetables and garlic in a small pan (I sprayed the pan with cooking spray for a no-oil dinner).
2.   Continue to keep the veggies warm and cook the pasta.
3.   Squeeze lemon juice over veggies just before blending with pasta.
4.  Drain pasta and put veggies and pasta in a bowl together; toss with balsamic vinegar and extra parsley.
5.  Enjoy!

The beauty of this is that you can use any combo of veggies – it’s also a good way to clean out your veggie drawer.

What’s your favorite go-to quick & easy weeknight meal?

To read about the health benefits of spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, check out The World’s Healthiest Foods .  Type the food into the search category and you’ll get all sorts of info!

Dont’ forget to check out the 50 Books in 2012 goal.  Who’s in?

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